Coming back to France after one-and-a-half year abroad is quite a weird experience! Among other things, I noticed a few remarkable phenomenons:

  • French people complain. I remember there had been a debate in Singapore to decide whether they criticize or complain. Well to be honest, they do both, but it still sounds to me more like "Oh look at me! How unhappy and unfortunate I am! Help me! Give me money!" than "Oh, this is no good, maybe we should do it another way, which could include blablabla..."
  • There are seasons! Real ones, with autumn leaves, temperatures dropping and scarf getting useful. And of course, I caught a cold... Also a consequence of that, most girls tend to prefer pants and thick coats to very short skirts and backless dresses. Generally speaking, the way people are getting dressed (I can't possibly call it "fashion") is quite ugly. Now I complain!
  • About girls, I'm not noticeable in the street any more. In Singapore, being Caucasian makes you look different, and often good. In Paris (there are no girls in Royan, my home town, only old ladies), I'm a lambda male. I could be a wall, I would get as much attention. How disappointing!
  • The food, my friends, the-food: nearly raw barbecue meat, fresh bread, veggies not boiled in oil, never too much spice. A whole different world! Actually it's more than that: you cook your own food at home (which I did only once or twice in Asia) because it would cost you too much outside. And my parents are still the best cooks evaaar!
  • The sun is not going up and down at the same time every day. We're loosing 4 minutes sun light every day this week. Quite surprising when you got used to sunrise at 7am and sunset at 7pm. And each takes more than 10 minutes...
  • Paris is not made for you if you're a traveller. Carrying my 50kg luggage in the city's subway corridors was a real adventure! "Why no cab, lah?" might ask the innocent Singaporean. Maybe because 60€ seems a bit exaggerated to me.

So now what? Well first, enjoy and rest: I'll be in Paris next week and meet all the friends I haven't seen since ages. Then, maybe, look for a job. Yeah, eventually. US and Europe are more and more pessimistic about their economic situation for next year, which means that future for me might be in Asia again. Not a bad news, heh?