So, let's say you want to use this recovery DVD, then. I don't really like it but it's what they made it for, so why not?

Of course, you're a cautious person and you take care of saving carefully all the datas you want to back-up on the D: drive. You know, it's the reason why they make partitions on the computers since years: so that you don't lose what is on one of them when you format an other one. You may wonder if this is really safe and if you shouldn't put an other back-up on your external hard drive. But look! One of the steps in the recovery tool is actually stating that only datas on C: will be deleted and that you can leave whatever you want on D: to find it again later. All right, let's go!

You format, you install, you add some drivers and a few softwares. Working great, faster than before and you're quite happy with the stuff. Then you take a look at your D: drive. WHAAAAAT?!! Where are all your datas?! De l'azote liquide?! Wait wait wait, this can't be true. There used to be 25Go of your own life in there, why is the entire drive filled in with free space now? Oh crap oh crap oh craaap. Well, looking at the computer with a very dark look, threatening it or hugging him doesn't change anything: the D: drive was also formated. Fujitsu, you just erased one year of my electronic life. Just before leaving Singapore, you destroyed one and half year of pictures and some of the memories I may never recall. You also destroyed quite a number of my works: being an amateur doesn't make the work of a webdesigner-wannabe less valuable.

So now what? I strongly recommend that you send me the software engineer who is responsible for this piece of shit you put on my recovery DVD with and authorization to harm him. Oh, I won't do it just for me, think of it: if you let that guy keep working, what is going to happen next time? He'll erase the datas of your own company? Or the one of some governmental agency? And be responsible for a nuclear war? No seriously, let me kill him, that's better for everyone. I may sound not feeling so bad because this post is both funny and dramatic but I can't tell you how fucking down I am. Should everyone have a RAID5 at home because of your incompetence? How am I ever going to make my friends pissed off with the pictures of all the fantastic trips I did in South-East Asia?

Fuck it, Fujitsu.

Edit: one good news, I indeed made a back-up of my datas... 3 months ago. Too bad I had so much holiday since then and lost all of it...